R & D
R & D system integrating production, study and research

R & D

In depth study of chemical reaction and molecular mechanics



Our company has an independent R & D team, has obtained a number of technical invention patents, has strong R & D strength, and has close cooperative relations with many universities and scientific research institutions.

Prosper Dobond
Prosper Dobond

Customized service

The company can customize products according to customer needs, help customers solve various bonding problems in the process of new product development, and provide customers with professional technical services. Xindongbang people always adhere to the attitude of excellence and provide systematic and high-quality services for customers with the purpose of "thinking about what customers want, doing what customers need, based on the market and serving wholeheartedly". It has provided professional adhesive solutions for more than 100 customers and established the strong brand advantages of "xindongbang" and "prosper Dobond" in the country.


Prosper Dobond




Understand customer needs

Communicate through telephone and visit with customers

Identify solutions

Discuss possible solutions and determine the final solution through the last communication with customers;

Accounting development cost

According to the specific content of the solution, calculate the cost of the involved parts and make a quotation;




Determine product chemical system

On the basis of a large number of tests, preliminarily complete the samples of the products and determine the chemical composition; Understand the specific needs of customers;

Complete performance test report

According to the customer's requirements for performance, carry out all relevant tests on the samples and complete the performance test report;

Complete chemical safety instructions

Edit chemical safety instructions and information cards according to the laws and regulations of the customer's country and region;

Testing harmful ingredients

Entrust a third-party organization to test all harmful components required by customers;

Complete technical data sheet

On the basis of multiple batches of samples, xindongbang completes the technical data sheet according to the actual performance index of the product;

Prosper Dobond
Prosper Dobond



Product quality assurance

Strict product quality control system to ensure product quality and quality;

Determine the process route

According to the chemical composition of the product, establish the production process route of the product and determine the key process indicators;

Conduct pilot production

Carry out pilot production of multiple batches, make statistical analysis on the review results, improve and determine the process route;

Determine product stability

Through statistical analysis, determine the key detection indicators of the product from raw materials, intermediate products to finished products to ensure the stability of the product;

Determine product model

Determine the product model, and the product will become a formal product



Conduct follow-up evaluation

According to the initial use results of customers and conduct statistical analysis to evaluate whether the products meet the design requirements;

Professional after-sales evaluation

Provide a complete and professional after-sales service system to avoid the worries of customers;

Ensure application stability

Work with customers to analyze the application results of products and determine precautions to ensure the application stability of products;

Fine tune and improve

Fine tune and improve the product according to the product application results and the specific situation of customers;

Prosper Dobond



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